Jul 20, 2016

Fixing People

Last night before we crashed, my husband and I watched a clip from Fr. Mike Schmitz on Facebook. It was a step in the right direction in my desire to end the Sabbath with a spiritual aspect instead of Facebook. (**Ma Kim waving hands in a hypnotic way**…Pay no attention to the fact that I found the video on Facebook!)

Of course, after watching it, I “shared” it and said “For my married peeps.” I have several friends who are struggling mightily in their marriages, and I hope that perhaps one or all of them would watch and be able to share with their significant others. Or at least watch it themselves and realize they could be the font of grace in their marriages, even if it takes a depth of humility that seems beyond what they are capable of.

I shared an example in my own marriage, too. My husband constantly leaves the light on in our closet. What a waste of energy!! In my mind I’m thinking, “I have to stick to a budget when I go grocery shopping, and YOU get to leave the lights on.” How long this has gone on!! Sarcasm would drip from my mouth when I would say in his earshot, “Don’t worry, I’ll turn this light off!”, “Hey, lights don’t turn themselves off!”, or my personal favorite, “Watch the little Closet Fairy turn the light off!!”

One afternoon, I was sitting there on the bed just taking a breather, and I looked at the dark closet door.

God gave me the grace to realize that if something tragic happened, and my husband was gone forever, I would YEARN for those left-on lights, that gritty man-hair left all over the bathroom sink, and that (sometimes very LOUD) family home organizer who keeps us all in line when I just want to throw my hands up in despair.

This really just goes back to Ma Molly’s post from last Wednesday. We must dig deep and find gratitude and practice humility even when we’d rather just “fix it” to our own standards. Especially when we KNOW we are not perfect either, in ANY sense of the word.

Persevere. Fight the good fight. Your marriage is worth it. Always.

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