Aug 8, 2016

Read to Me Monday

"Aunt Karen. Aunt Karen! Read us the book you read last time!"
"Which book, dear nephews?"
"You know!  The one with the dragon and the knight, the cave and the scroll and the squire!"

I'd say it is pretty great when the little ones remember a book from eight months ago and beg for it to be read aloud to them again.

Can you guess which book?

The Squire and the Scroll

This book has engaging pictures and a sweet story that the kids love.  It also has a message that I love.  A message about the rules you need to live by as the son of a King.  Rules to guard your hearing and your sight, to walk on the firm path, and not to stray from the good and pure.  These are messages that are perfect for the forming of our own young knights.

A nod to another book by the same author for our princesses and daughters of the King...

The Princess and the Kiss

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