Apr 19, 2017

How my Faith Helps me Worry Less

My husband and I have been trying to find a way to shorten his very long commute. He commutes over two hours each way to Chicago from our exurban, bucolic neighborhood. We’ve prayed and prayed, been close to some promising jobs over the last few years, and finally found a job with a shorter commute in a suburb of St Louis. Commute times are significantly shorter in St Louis, and our prayer has been answered in an amazing way.

Together, we prayed the 30 day prayer to St Joseph, and asked his help to move our family, and to find us a home where my husband can have a normal commute. He answered the prayer swiftly and definitively. We had outside confirmation from one of my husband’s coworkers that she understood through prayer that this was God’s will for our lives.

So why, now, when our prayer has been answered, am I filled with worry at the details of the relocation?

I think the answer lies in my prayer life. When I get too busy to pray, I forget to keep handing things over to God. I start spinning my wheels. I start worrying about the “what ifs?” God didn’t intend it to be this way. He knows us so well. He knows we need the intercession of the Saints, and a reminder that we are not in charge, and life is better when we keep turning our struggles and worries over to him, large and small.

“Deliver us from all Anxiety,” – words placed near the very heart of the Mass  - point to the reality that worry is a universal part of the human condition.  This frequent reminder that I am not alone in my worry, or my struggle, or my reclamation of the problems I should have turned over to God gives me hope that others have struggled with their anxieties and, through God’s unfailing and ever present help, have been delivered and set free.


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