Feb 1, 2016

Monday Meme: Stunned Silence

Silence screams, “Go now!”  Being an astute mom, you do not waste the moment. You double check to make sure ALL of your kids are participating. They don’t even look at you, so you flee to _______.  (You can fill in the blank with one on the meme or one of your own.)  Indeed, rarely are your kids completely engrossed with an activity.  You KNOW that they are so enthralled with what they are doing, that they will never notice your absence for a few moments.

Then Silence must nudge the kids, “Hey, Mom is gone.  Where did she go?  Is she safe?”  There is no other plausible explanation.  How else could those busy kids suddenly know you’re gone?  Not only do they yell, “MOM!” but they won’t stop.  “Mom, I need help.”  Or “Mom, I want you.”  Or “Mom, Joey’s finger is stuck in his mouth.”

Their “need” is usually not a need but a want… a want for Mom.  What a nuisance.  How annoying.  Can’t they give you just one moment’s peace?  Can’t they see you need to just_____ (fill in the blank again.)  There just is nothing like trying to use the restroom, and you see their prying fingers under the door as they plea, “Mama, MAMA!”

Silence stands back and laughs.  Silence is thoroughly entertained by the events.  For the moment.  Then Silence is bored.  How predictable.  How boring.  Just like before.

But wait.  You are not yelling.  Silence is stunned and thinks, “What’s this?”

You are laughing.  Yeah, sure, a tear falls, but you are happy.  You realize your kids want YOU.  No matter how crazy your hectic day is or what’s on the to-do list, your kids want YOU.  As you are.  You are like a rock star with groupies!  Suddenly, you are grateful for these little ones.



  1. A "rock star with groupies"??!!! You made my day! Thanks, Sheryl! :)

  2. Yes, those fingers under the bathroom door can either seem like a horror movie, a comedy, or a happy tearjerker depending on the day. The bottom line is that we signed up to be the center of the universe when we took on this job, and it's only for a season, so enjoy it while you can. Soon enough you'll be waiting, as I am now, for the fingers of grandkids under the door...


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