Feb 8, 2016

Monday Meme: WARNING! WARNING! Brain on overload!

Do you ever feel run down?

Too many things going on at once?

Your head spinning because it's trying to process/plan umpteen things and you cannot even successfully accomplish ONE thing?

Yeah, me too!  My bet is every person who reads this has felt this way at least once in their lives.  Me?  It's my normal every day life....  when you have a eight mouths and bellies to feed, those same eight bodies to keep clean and clothed, those same eight brains to stimulate and teach multiple subjects to, and last but not least, the same eight souls to feed spiritually and nourish with love daily, your one brain becomes accustomed to planning/thinking/processing way more than it can handle.   So how do you survive this chaos going on inside your brain?  How do keep your cool without blowing it?  How do you make sense of the multi-tasking that causes spinning out of control?  How do you find peace amongst the chaos?

Through Him.
With Him.
And in Him.  

Yes, it is by God reaching His mighty hand down upon my overloaded mommy brain and bringing meaning and sense of the very busy vocation in which He has called me.

"Though the mountains leave their place
and the hills be shaken,
My love shall never leave you
nor my covenant of peace be shaken,
says the Lord, who has mercy on you."

~Isaiah 54: 10

He come to us.  He dwells within us.  He dwells all around us.  He brings us a sense of peace.  If we but.....   Stop.  Look.  and Listen.  For me, this can be done in many ways....

  • say a prayer - something so simple as, "Lord, I need You", "Please take this over for me...", "Saint ***fill-in-the-blank***, pray for me".  Calling on Our Lady and offering up "Hail Mary's" can also bring about a beautiful sense of calm as well.  
  • scoop up a kiddo, smooch them, and go read them a book/play a game with them/or just snuggle them - Seriously!  There is something about distracting yourself from the constant commotion inside with the beauty God's presence in the children He gave you right here, right now.  Distract your overloaded brain and focus instead on their innocence, their love, and the presence of Our Lord within them.  
  • go to the bathroom and shut the door - for prayer, quiet time, alone time, but remember you have been forewarned....  
  • turn on some music - for me, it's Christian music (K-Love, Matt Maher, etc....).  And some make-you-wanna-plug-your-ears singing may follow.  And dancing.  Yes - dancing around the kitchen!  
  • and if you are so blessed to be able to sneak away to get a Son Tan, spending time in adoration is a given that can bring you a peace like no other.  But as a busy momma in the middle of her day, it's not always easy to pack up and leave or possibly to run away to run to Him.  This needs to be a somewhat planned thing for me. 

What brings you peace??

What can you do to calm the go-go-go inside your head?  

Now as an aside, and so you can all laugh at/with me, I had to share my computer screen when I was busy typing this post.... (hint:  focus on the top)

Do you see the multiple tabs open?  Yikes!!  Yes, it's okay to count them....  16 tabs!!!!  You see, I was trying to do way too much at one time - go figure!!!  Not only was I writing this post, but I was also printing labels for a return, reading the new Catholic Icing blog post on Lent, and perusing Pinterest to get new ideas for St. Valentine's day.  And, yes, this is normal computer surfing for me.  (sigh)  All gung ho with doing so much at once, and most of the time, my computer in trying to keep up with my clicking and multiple open tabs often freezes and freaks out at me anyways.  Shall I take this as a hint??  Ummm, yeah....

Breathe, sweet momma....

Slow down....

And, connect to Him, the King of Peace....


  1. Love this! What a great reminder to slow down and keep my peace. Thank you! I love the aspirations, and sometimes, I regain my peace by going for a short walk to clear my mind and then get back at it again.

    1. Ah, going for a nice walk in warmer weather sounds dreamy. (As I'm looking outside my window seeing it snow....). We love spending time outdoors. It's definitely refreshing!!!

  2. I only have 8 tabs open right now! :)

  3. Reading this blog reinforces the main idea of a book I'm reading called Teaching From Rest. I definitely think God is speaking to me about the Ups and downs of multitasking.

    1. I've read it too, Britta. You'll have to let me know how it works out putting it into practice for you. I have a hard time seeing how to truly do that with so many kids to teach and multiple subjects. Although my version of "teaching at rest" and to create more peace in our homeschool has been to outsource some subjects and do some more computer learning. That's helped a ton for our family.

      My overloaded brain mostly comes from the demands of mothering and just "keeping up" with everything. Homeschooling is just one part of the big picture. It's nice to be aware of it and knowing how to calm it though. :)

  4. I love it - and your computer looks about like mine does. XD Learning to calm down and simply "be" is a skill - and these tips are certainly going to help. Probably going to bookmark this post for when baby gets here. ;)


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