Nov 7, 2016

Monday Meme: God's Twisted Sense of Humor

We’ve all seen it, heard it, or experienced it: God’s twisted sense of humor. Along with that endless love, limitless mercy, and perfect justice, the Good Lord must have a sense of humor. When those pranks come, Moms can either laugh or cry. It really comes down to perspective. Humor is seeing something from a different perspective. As in the meme, the children’s perspective is that they are going to make Mom happy by helping her. Of course, Mom’s perspective is that they are damaging the car. The kids are proud, and Mom is shocked. The kids have done a good deed, and Mom is, well, still in shock. In fact, Mom will have to do MORE than what she would have to get that tank filled. The whole scenario is twisted. Then it makes me think: what does God (as a parent) see when I (as his daughter) try to “help” someone? Then I sure do hope he has a twisted sense of humor.

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