Nov 28, 2016

Monday Meme: The Power of Women

Because this is my “safe” place, I’m going to go ahead and speak what’s been eating at my heart since the election of our new president.

I have friends and acquaintances who voted for the Democratic nominee, and I am saddened and perplexed at the level of their devastation on the election of the Republican nominee. Do you think we were overjoyed at the person we had to vote for? Do you think we – and our party – looked to the personal lifestyle of our nominee and voted him in for those reasons? I was as shocked as the next person as it seemed more assured that he would be our nominee. I could not believe it. That being said, when the chips fell, he was the one on the ticket for the Republican Party. He was the one I HAD to vote for.

“Why?” You say. “You could have voted for the Democratic nominee. Don’t you want a woman president? Let’s break that proverbial ‘glass ceiling’!!”

Yes! I would like to see a woman become president of these United States one day. Yes! There are many attributes of the Democratic party that I support: care of our earth, welcoming the immigrant, and helping those who need a helping hand.

BUT (ah, c’mon you knew it was coming)…

As a Catholic, I am led by my Faith (notice that capital “F”) that is written in that beautiful book, the Catechism, to believe that without LIFE, no amount of environmental protection or immigration reform or welfare is going to amount to a hill of beans. If I am not standing with THE MOST INNOCENT, MOST VULNERABLE among us FIRST, then I cannot stand for anything else.

Historically, the party that has been on the side of the unborn child has been the Republican party. You know this, I know this. Our priests and bishops know this. They spoke about it from the pulpit. (Well, at least ONE priest did. I’m sure you saw this circulating on Facebook, as I did. Best 20 minutes of the election. 

Our bishops wrote on the USCCB website about prioritizing issues, and the Right to Life was at the T-O-P. The priest in the above video went so far as to say you put your soul in imminent danger by voting for the party that upholds the right to an abortion. “Can he say that???” Yup, and he did.

I’m sorry. Can you just IGNORE that??? Can you really just say to the people sent by GOD to shepherd you to Heaven, “Excuse me. I know better than you. Thank you, and God bless.” This is what has bothered me the most: the blatant disregard for the counsel of our priests and bishops.

The other topic about this election that has bothered me goes back to my original meme. We women are powerful, and we know it. As God made us different physically, he made
the source of our strength different, too. I have listened to panels of women trying to analyze the reasons why the Democratic nominee did not get elected. Why the white women of the country couldn’t vote for another white woman to lead them. They mused that we just “weren’t ready” to have a woman in as powerful a role as the President of the United States, that the ones who came out to vote were “uneducated,” or that maybe we’re still fighting with some subconscious interior racism.


The majority of my Christian Catholic friends voted for Trump because of the party he represented and the values that party represents, MAINLY the right to life. Yes, I recognize the faults of my party. It does most certainly have them. Again, however, under the guidance of my Faith and my bishops, I turn to which party is going to stand up for the unborn, and that is the Republican party.

For my friends who think we’re going to Hell in a hand basket now that Donald Trump will become our president, I beg you not to despair. I double beg you to stop posting articles analyzing how this happened. I triple beg you to discontinue labeling those of us who voted Republican as the heartless people you are making us out to be.

You know me. I know you. Not only do I not think you’re baby-killing, liar-loving tree hugger; I completely LOVE you for the compassionate, patriotic, hopeful person you are.

All women should follow the example of our Blessed Mother, the most powerful woman ever created was the most humble of servants. 

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