Mar 15, 2017

A Perpetual Yes

It might seem that the expectations on us as mothers are never-ending...right?!?!  Between the ordinary, daily activities like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. and the extraordinary pulls on our time including transporting kids to activities, Church committees, visits with friends in need, don't you feel the pressure to get it all done and to do it well?  Maybe I'm alone, but somehow I doubt it, somehow I just know that you feel overwhelmed and under appreciated just as much as me.

The irony is that we put the expectations on ourselves.  We are the ones placing so much pressure on our daily to-do lists. We spend our days and nights emphasizing productivity over living and we're surviving instead of thriving!  But the One who created us, loves us, and knows exactly what we need to do every day to spend eternity with Him in Heaven...all He asks of us is to say yes to His will for our lives.

We put more pressure on ourselves than God!  It's not that He doesn't have high expectations….to whom much is given much is expected...but He only asks us to do or accomplish what we are able to within the time He's given us.  I'm fairly certain God doesn't expect you and I to run full speed from 6am when our feet touch the floor to 11pm when we finally lay our heads back down!!!  However, more and more that's what I'm doing and many of my friends find themselves doing.
When we say yes to what God has planned and we do it daily I just know that our daily lives will look and feel differently.  Asking Him to help us be present in the moments He gives us makes such a difference.  I know because I've prayed that prayer. I've asked Him to make me present to my kids, for example, and to not miss special moments with them and He's delivered well beyond my expectations.  He's helped me to focus on the people in my life, building the relationships, not constantly issuing commands and dictating school lessons.

Our goal should just be to keep saying yes, it should be our perpetual response to whatever God asks of us, whether it's going to be easy or difficult.  That simple yes, our willingness to do as He asks, is our path to Heaven.

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  1. "but He only asks us to do or accomplish what we are able to within the time He's given us" --- a reminder I need daily!! Thanks, Britta!!!


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