Mar 21, 2017

Adoration Reflection

Denis-Carl Robidoux / Flickr

I was reading Fr. Gaitley's Consoling the Heart of Jesus (I highly recommend it.) during my regular Holy Hour with Jesus tonight and wanted to share a few nuggets of insight right now, before I forget.

I often get excited in the freshness of the new year or at the start of Lent or Advent.  I make grand plans for all I'm going to "do" and accomplish during the coming year or season.  Then, inevitably, I will hit a wall.  I'll stop in my tracks and feel like such a failure.  I have such a difficult time with balance.

You could say that I'm racing ahead of Jesus in my excitement.

Jesus wants me to be His friend.  He wants me to walk with Him, talk with Him.  He does not want me to race ahead (or fall behind).  He wants me to walk at His side, side by side.

Jesus does not want me to suffer because He loves me so much.  However, when I do suffer (and, of course, I do and I will), He is wonderfully consoled when I unite my suffering to His.  He will be there to help carry the cross.  He may even carry me the distance.

But He cannot help me carry my cross if we are not walking together.



  1. Oh man, yeah, I do the "racing ahead" thing too. Says the mom who is behind on our Jesus tree and hasn't even made our Crown of Thorns yet. But I'm right where I need to be, and He is with me and planning this Lenten journey WAY better than I. Thanks for sharing your beauty insight from your time with Our Lord!!!

  2. Karen, so true and lovely. As moms we tend to think we have to set this blazing pace in everything. It's a good reminder that Jesus wants our company, even if we're not saying every devotion or remembering every sacrifice. Thanks! <3


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