Jan 27, 2016


It’s been a busy season for us, full of celebrations. As we come down from Christmastide, we are into “birthday-tide” as four of our children celebrate their birthdays, one right after another. Our goal as parents, was to find ways to make memories, or traditions, rather than bombard with gifts soon forgotten.

Early on, our family adopted the tradition of letting the birthday child choose his or her meals, for the entire day! They were only limited by their imagination. Yes, sometimes we’ve gotten lobster (OK that was MY birthday!), others they’ve ask for nothing in particular. But always, a breakfast meal was in order. French Toast Casserole is regularly asked for as is coffee cake. Both very different from our norm, and cherished, as part of the celebration. But, one of the most celebrated is the birthday cake. Something they savor. A couple like cheesecake, others German Chocolate cake, and then there is the old fashioned yellow cake preferred by others.  And the cake always appears after dinner. We all gather. Tell brief stories of “remember when you….”, praying for a happy birthday, and begin another year when you blow out those candles.  Another year to grow. Another year of memories.

Traditions. Ties that bind us together for generations to come.


  1. I love traditions! Birthday cakes are super fun around here now because my 12 year old loves to create through baking. I can always count on her to get it done, just in case I might be busy!!

    1. That's so sweet your 12 year can whip up a cake when you've got your hands full! That's something I need to get better at - giving my kids total freedom to do it on their own. My crew helps all the time with meal prep, but we are doing it together. I just need to give them a recipe we've done before and leave the house - lol!


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