Jan 2, 2016


Hi there!!

Happy New Year!!  

Welcome to our little corner of the internet!

Let me allow for an introduction...
This page will be made up of various authors who share 3 things in common...

1 - friendship forged through Christ and his Catholic church - many of us have never met in real life, yet many of our friendships are closer than some of our in real life because of our sharing with #2 and #3 over the years....

2 - we are moms of many many many children - we have large families.  Thanks to God blessing us and the beauty of openness to life and His perfect plan for our families.

3 - we homeschool our crews.  Yes, we're all part of that CrAzY bunch!!

We will use this special place to share about the ups and downs and ins and outs of our lives (grande style!) and our great love for our families and faith!

++May God bless you this year!  May He make his presence known.  And may you always draw near to Him!!++

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