Mar 28, 2016

Monday Meme: My Prayer For You

Sometimes I have so much on my mind that I can’t express it in words.  It’s all trying to come out at once, yet none comes out at all.

On one side, I’m glad that it all does not come out. There’s nothing like welcoming my husband home from work with verbal vomit.  “Hi, Honey, I am so glad you’re home!  I can’t believe that *%&$(=*#)#%...”

On the other side, I can’t keep it in as that is not healthy; it just causes stress.  I try to pray, but it’s all gibberish.  “Dear Lord, uhhhhhh . Well, ummm… blahblahblah”

It’s a good thing the Lord does not need language to understand us!!  We just need to be in His presence.  The Gospel of Matthew 6:8  tells us;  "for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him."

It’s OUR human need to express our wants and needs.  It’s OUR desire to solve problems and accomplish tasks successfully.  Consequently, mothers may find it helpful to have prewritten prayers or predetermined intentions, especially when we wish to pray for someone else.  So instead of wasting moments trying to articulate our wants and needs in words, we can have a “go-to prayer” to take full advantage of those precious moments when we need to pray for ourselves or others.

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