Mar 21, 2016

Monday Meme: Silly rabbit!

Trix are for kids!!!  

I mean, Easter is for Jesus.  

Yes, we are one of those families....  Easter is for Jesus in our house.  It's not about the Easter bunny, nor is their an Easter bunny that comes to our house.  

When our oldest was just a little tot, hubs and I decided what we would do with all these present-bearing-fictional-characters who come on these ever so important holidays in our culture, but mostly in our church year.  

We chose to focus on the religious meaning with these holidays, and put the worldly celebrations aside.  I know, I know, I bet you're going to say that my kids are missing out.  But truly, we feel they are not.  They know the meaning of these holidays and there's no confusion about a silly rabbit coming instead.  My crew still wake on Easter morning to eggs hidden all over the house and baskets full of chocolate, books and little toys.  But these are gifts from mommy and daddy instead.  So they still get all the sweets and fun, but there's no confusion whatsoever about the Who of Easter.   

Now I did want to add, that with us, timing was perfect.  Hubs and I were both on fire for the Faith and just newly starting our family.  We were able to start with these traditions from the beginning and so it worked beautifully and smoothly for us.  I say this because many moms have said, "man, I wish I knew this was a thing or even a choice (meaning not doing the Easter bunny thing), and they feel bad and even somewhat envious.  And I reassure them, that for us, it was all about timing.  I think it would be very confusing to switch things out mid-way through, nor do I pressure or judge anyone who still has the Easter Bunny visit them.  It's just works for us and did from the beginning and has provided blessing upon blessing when it comes to celebrating and focusing on these major holidays and what they truly mean.  

So now you may ask, "what about Santa?".  That'll be another post!  But here's a little hint.... it's very similar to this Meme.  We celebrate in a way where Christmas is fully and 100% about Jesus and his birth.  More later!!

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