Feb 6, 2017

Monday Meme: Men and Women

The media bombard us with messages of how different we humans are, and we are to welcome all of these differences. Acceptance. Tolerance. Inclusion.   However, when it comes to men and women, the media give a contrary message.  Women can do anything men can do.  Women and men are the same.  We are to be treated the same, expect the same, do the same, think the same…

God made us men and women.  We have unique gifts and talents that complement each other.  We need to remind our sons and daughters that men and women are supposed to be different.  The Good Lord intentionally created us to be different. The differences are not mistakes.

So women and men should embrace our differences.  We should not be in competition of who is better; we should be working together to make each other better.

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  1. Thank you for sharing and pointing out that the differences between man and woman are God's plan indeed. We must look to Him more and not follow the way of the world. Thanks, Sheryl!! :)


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