Apr 18, 2016

Monday Meme: Not Again!

How many times do we moms repeat ourselves to our children?  How frequently do we politely instruct them to do a task, only to repeat it because it remains undone?  We may not actually want to know the answer.  It may be depressing.

If only our kids knew all we did for them, then they’d do what we asked immediately.  They’d be grateful and want to help us.  Oh, the peace that would come, and life would be perfect.  Right?  One can only dream!  We may roll our eyes and wonder will they ever learn?

Well, that reality is probably shared by our guardian angels.  How many times do they nudge us in the right direction, but we don’t follow?  How many times do they guide us, but we don’t listen?  How many times have they helped us to avoid something bad, and then hoped that we’d “know better” next time?

I’m quite humbled when I think of how many times I have probably let my guardian angel down.  Yet, that guardian angel is still there for me, just like I’m still there for my children.  Our guardian angels are our most trusted, powerful allies, but we often neglect them.

Just like my kids tell me, I tell my guardian angel, next time I’ll do better.  I’m glad that Love never quits.  As long as my guardian angel is with me, I’ll be there for my kids too.

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