Apr 11, 2016

Monday Meme: I Can Sleep Because God is Awake

Going to sleep and staying asleep are simple goals.  Sometimes, my brain does not know how to shut off.  In my mind, I constantly try to solve problems or schedule appointments. Or THE great comeback pops in my mind, and then I berate myself for not having thought of it ten hours earlier.

I look at my husband, ZZZZing away, and I am jealous.  I’ve asked him, “How do you just sleep?”  He replies, “Easy. I’m tired and close my eyes.  I sleep.”

I can only wish.

At night my brain can process.  There are no interruptions or new input.  I can focus.  That is such a luxury!! I can think of ONE thing at a time. The bad side is that I wake up tired, and the next day is upon me, when I have not finished yesterday.

Earlier this Lent, my dad told me that sometimes I need to let God have a chance.  That really hit me.  So I do what I can during the day, and then I give it to the Good Lord at night.

There’s certainly no sense in both of us being awake at night.

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