Apr 4, 2016

Monday Meme: The Call to Faithfulness

I love this quote attributed to Mother Teresa (soon to be St. Mother Teresa!!) I think it applies to so
many areas of our lives including: marriage, motherhood, sisterhood, friendship, our finances, our
hobbies, etc.

We aren't always going to attain the goal we originally set out for and that's okay because God is
looking at the journey, too. How do we respond to the setbacks, the failures, the fear, the aches, the
suffering? Do we turn to prayer? Do we ask for help? Are we making use of the sacraments? Are we

God just wants us to keep going, to keep praying, to keep loving, to never stop being faithful to that
which He has called us. I promise you, without a doubt, that He is always there for you.

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