Jun 14, 2016


Confession time.

I am a KonMari failure.

I tried to apply her principles from "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" to my bookshelf. I carefully evaluated the books, then I tried to chose ones which would not be useful, or spark joy, and get rid of them. I failed.

As a homeschool mom, with a two year old, there are very few books he has outgrown. Of course, any of the out of print books are off limits. Who knows if I can find them again? Many of the literature books are read again and again, and the beauty of our home library is that there are no late fees. As an avid reader with very little time, my list of books to read grows ever longer as does my "to read" pile.

My latest attempt to cull the shelves was an abject failure. I threw in the towel and bought another bookshelf. Maybe I'll try again when they're out of the house. Of course, by then, there will be grandchildren...


  1. I'm very much the same! We just keep buying more bookshelves, granted we throw away the beaten, tattered books that need to be thrown out. But, it's plain and simple - we are taking in more books than throwing out/giving away. With the span of ages of our kids, these books can be read for a long time still. Yeah, and then there's the grandkids... (haven't thought of that one yet!)

  2. I've reconciled myself to book clutter. It's much better this way :)


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