Jun 10, 2016

Friday Feasting: Big Salad

Big Salad

Summer is here and, we look to "cool" foods and lighter fare.  
If it is quick to put on the table, it gets an extra bonus!

A Big, HUGE family favorite at Casa de Patton is what we affectionately call "Big Salad."  

Several years ago we discovered the "chopped" salad kits in our grocery store.  
Since these kits frequently went on sale and were super yummy, 
they became the base of one of our all time favorite summer-time meals.   

Honestly, this is not really a recipe...just what I do.

The salad kits come in several "flavors," 
like Chipotle Ranch, Asian, Caesar, and tonight's choice, BBQ Ranch.  
For our downsized family (just five of us at home now), 
I start with two salad kits and add in one or two hearts of romaine lettuce, chopped.
(I do wash and spin all my salad greens.  
It's is an extra step, but I learned the hard way that that is a step that I cannot skip.)

Depending on what veggies I have in my crisper, 
I also chop and throw in green peppers (red and yellow, too), celery, onion, and carrots.

For protein sources, we use popcorn chicken, fried (gasp) in the deep fryer, 
grilled chicken or beef fajita steak, or ham.  
Bacon bits and cheese (cheddar or Parmesan, depending on the flavors) round out the protein yum.
(If it is a hot meat (like my popcorn chicken here), I let it cool before adding it to the salad bowl.)

For some crunch, I'll add sunflower seeds, croutons, or tortilla strips.
And last, but certainly not least, we add the dressing and toss everything together.
Janie is my chef today.  (Thank you, Janie!)

Blink, blink, blink...

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  1. Oh my! What a great idea! Can't wait to try this and pass this recipe off to a child who can make it (at least!) once a month for the family. Thanks, dear! :)


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