Jun 1, 2016

Favorite Things: Most Exciting New Curricula for Next Year

I have been getting my curriculum together for next year, 
and I have some new finds that I am VERY excited about.

#1: Times Tales

Oh, my goodness.  This may be the biggest game changer for my third grader 
who is chomping at the bit to learn his times tables 
and (maybe more so) for his big sister who struggles to remember hers.

#2: Beast Academy Math

Who wouldn't want to learn math from a comic book.  
The folks from Art of Problem Solving bring us this creative and exciting series.  
Again...my third grader is going to LOVE this.  
Who are we kidding?...I am going to LOVE this!!!

#3:  Picture Study Portfolios from Simply Charlotte Mason 

I *may* have gone a little crazy, but there was no way I could choose just one or two.  
Simply Charlotte Mason has produced a beautiful collection of portfolios to facilitate picture study.  
The large glossy photos of the masterpieces are gorgeous!  
And, the booklet has the artist's story and a little bit of back story for each print.  
This will be a "go to" resource to bring beauty into our homeschool this year 
as we study the late middle ages.

#4:  Michael Clay Thompson Grammar and Writing (Level 2)

My family has fallen in love with Michael Clay Thompson's Language Arts. 
Mud and the Grammar Island (Level 1) totally captured our hearts
and taught us all a thing or two about grammar and writing.  
We are tickled to see what new adventures await us in Grammar Town.

#5:  Caesar's English 1 (MCT Vocabulary)

Caesar's English 1 is the Vocabulary book that rounds out the 
Michael Clay Thompson's Language Arts program.  
I bought the teacher's manual in book-book format, but the kids will have an 
interactive experience with Caesar's English on their iPad in iBooks. 
I took a little peak today and was very impressed.

OK...what are your top picks for fall?  Share in the comments!!!

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  1. Ooooh, these looks great, Karen! Cannot wait to try the art study and LA books. Definitely will add that element of fun and beauty! Thanks for this great post!!


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