Sep 19, 2016

Monday Meme: Making Everyone Happy??

Making Everyone Happy?

How does pizza really make everyone happy?  Think about it.  Can one pizza really make everyone happy?
Pizza can make everyone happy because there are so many types and varieties.  The crust alone could be deep dish, thin, tavern cut, self-rising, cheese-stuffed, and even gluten free.  Then think about the sauces and the toppings.   You can even do a half pepperoni and half sausage.  Then the combinations? And don’t forget the dessert-type of pizza. The possibilities are endless.  THAT is how pizza makes everyone happy:  a different type of pizza for different types of people.

So the next time the MOM in you has done everything and people are not happy, that is possibly not your fault.  You are not necessarily so flexible and versatile as pizza.  People have different expectations and wants.  Pizza can be made to order.  You can’t.  You are unique.  Sometimes people choose to not be happy.  Order a pizza for that person, but don’t live in that person’s cloud of misery.  Keep your happy spirit, and don’t forget to order yourself a pizza once in a while and smile…

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