Sep 12, 2016

Read To Me Monday: St. Patrick's Summer


I can’t believe I’m recommending a book that I haven’t even finished reading yet.  It’s like “sharing” an article on Facebook without perusing it first.  It comes dangerously close to sin, no??  I can rest assured, however, that I’m not leading you astray as many, many of my close “friends” have mentioned it more than a few times as essential reading for a child receiving their First Communion.
Of which I will have one this year.

I’m also all about combining children’s subjects in a large homeschool family (it’s all about simplification, right??).  So, since we’re expecting a baby in a little over month (or less…please let it be less!), I’ve been reading St. Patrick’s Summer by Marigold Hunt out loud to my children, ages 13 down to 5.

It is an OUTSTANDING book.  The kids have been asking great questions, I have been bowled over by ideas on the Blessed Trinity that I had never heard before, and I think we’re only on Chapter 4!!  I can only imagine where this book will take us, and I see now why it’s so highly recommended, even if you DON’T have a child receiving their First Communion this year.  This may very well replace ALL Faith & Life catechisms this year!!

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