Dec 19, 2016

Read To Me Monday - Saints and Sinners: A History of the Popes

Saints and Sinners: A History of the Popes by Eamon Duffy

A disclaimer:  I have not yet finished this book.  (And there are about 50 other books in the same predicament on my bookshelf and sitting beside my bed and chair.)

This is a 400 page book, and I have gotten through about 200 pages.  I have had to read chapters over and over as my ever-distracted brain tried to digest and comprehend where it all falls in history.  Fortunately, Mr. Duffy does an outstanding job of placing each papacy into its historical context.

This book is a nice balance of meaty and readability.  (Kind of like the Old Testament?)

What I like best about this book is how it puts our present papacy in perspective.  Pope Francis ain't got nuthin' on Pope Vigilius!  We must always remember no matter what we hear on the news (even the Catholic news) that our Faith has overcome so much tumult from as close as the See of Peter himself.  Perspective...perspective.  I feel this book is a must-read for our current times.

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