Dec 3, 2016

Saturday with the Saints: St Andrew

St Andrew
Feast Day: 30 November
Patron Saint of Fishermen, Greece, Russia, and Scotland

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John 1:35-42
The next day again John was standing with two of his disciples; and he looked at Jesus as he walked, and said, “Behold, the Lamb of God!”  The two disciples heard him say this, and they followed Jesus.  Jesus turned, and saw them following, and said the them, “What do you seek?”  And they said to him, "Rabbi” (which means Teacher), “where are you staying?”  He said to them,  “Come and see.”  They came and saw where he was staying; and they stayed with him that day, for it was about the tenth hour.  One of the two who heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother.  He first found his brother Simon, and said to him, “We have found the Messiah” (which means Christ).  He brought him to Jesus.  Jesus looked at him, and said, “So you are Simon the son of John? You shall be called Ce'phas” (which means Peter). 

I imagine St Andrew as a quiet, but friendly and outgoing guy...maybe the strong, silent type? He was the older brother of Simon Peter and a fisherman.   Before he learned of Jesus, St Andrew was a follower of St John the Baptist, but from the day he met Jesus, he was in Jesus' inner circle.  He heard Jesus speak and followed Him without hesitation or question. 

The Gospels do not tell us too much about St Andrew, but we do have several accounts of Andrew bringing people to Jesus...most famously, his younger brother Simon. When Jesus wanted to feed the multitude, St Andrew brought the boy with the barley loaves and fishes to Jesus. And, again, when a group of Greeks approached Philip about meeting Jesus, Philip brought them to St Andrew, and St Andrew brought them to Jesus. 

Legends tell us that St Andrew preached in modern day Greece and Turkey and was crucified in Patras. 

St Andrew can bring us to Jesus through the St Andrew Christmas Novena. When we meditate on the the Birth of Christ, on the time and the mean circumstances, we draw closer to our Savior.  We, in turn, can imitate St Andrew, and bring others to Jesus.  Tell of Jesus Christ and the Good News, in a quiet, friendly, easy-going, and open St Andrew.  


(It is piously believed that whoever recites the above prayer fifteen times a day 
from the feast of St. Andrew (30th November) until Christmas will obtain what is asked.)

+MICHAEL AUGUSTINE, Archbishop of New York
New York, February 6, 1897

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  1. Thank you for this reflection on St Andrew!! We love praying that novena.
    ++St Andrew, pray for us++


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