May 30, 2016

Happy? Memorial Day

Happy?  Memorial Day

This one touches pretty close to home.  

I am a proud Army wife of 23 years.  
Even though my husband retired from active service last year and 
we have settled into civilian life, 
many know that he is a veteran.  
I don't know how many times I have heard him 
humbly respond to a Memorial Day greeting of 

"Thank you for your service." 
with an
"I'm still here.  
Memorial Day is for remembering those who paid the ultimate price, 
those who died in combat, those who did not come home."  

Maybe he is sensitive.  
I know he is thinking of all the men and women, 
some acquaintances, some buddies, some his soldiers, 
who died in combat.
Memorial Day is the day we remember them.

So later today, 
when you see a veteran at the Memorial Day parades and activities, 
pause a moment and reflect before you say
"Happy Memorial Day."  
Certainly greet him and thank him for his service,  
AND acknowledge that you are remembering all those who did not come home. 
But it is not a "happy" day.


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