Jan 20, 2017

Friday Feasting: Ginger Root and Honey Salad Dressing

In our farmer's market I picked up ginger root.  I was feeling a bit adventurous and impulsively bought one to force myself to expand our culinary experience.  So now I'm home and have no clue what to do with it.  I knew there were many health benefits gained from ginger root, but it was now just staring at me... I stared back fiercely!! I CAN DO THIS, but WHAT I didn't have a clue.

I did some research and found several recipes that looked daunting and overwhelming.  I found a salad dressing and adapted it.  I used raw honey, apple cider vinegar instead of regular vinegar, and Braggs Liquid Amino All Purpose Seasoning to replace soy sauce.  I reduced the amount of soy sauce as that can be a very strong, overpowering flavor.  I added a little more honey to balance out the tartness of the vinegar.

My food critics loved it.  Considering my critics are teenage boys who have no problem refusing or regurgitating gross or weird food, they ate it and added the dressing generously to their salads, making this recipe a success. We have since used this dressing on vegetables, especially steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  My boys have also added it to steamed rice with ground beef.


    3-4 minced garlic cloves
    2 tablespoons minced fresh ginger root
    3/4 cup olive oil
    1/3 cup vinegar or apple cider vinegar
    1/3 cup soy sauce*
    3-4 tablespoons honey
    1/4 cup water


    In a 1 pint glass jar or larger, combine all the ingredients.  Screw on jar lid and shake thoroughly. Remove lid, and heat jar in the microwave for 1 minute to dissolve the honey.  Replace lid and shake gently, being careful to use oven mitt if necessary. Open jar to cool, especially before putting in refrigerator. Shake well before serving. Store covered in the refrigerator.

*For a gluten free version, use Bragg Liquid Aminos all purpose seasoning.  It is made from soy, but it has no wheat as a thickener or stabilizer.

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