Jan 23, 2017

Monday Meme: St Michael, Please Protect Us

We live in a wonderful country with freedoms never seen before the birth of this country.  We can speak freely, practice our faith openly, and vote for our government officials.  While we may not agree on our opinions, religion, or politics, we can hope for a better future.  With the new people now in office, we may face a brighter future.  Pray for these people as they legislate or sign in new policies.

Life in politics is difficult.  I grew up in it.  My dad was elected to city council, mayor, and county supervisor.  Everyone wants favors or has an agenda.  My dad was faced with bribes or “understandings” frequently.  He said he always carried a rosary in his pocket, which helped him make decisions.  Eventually, my dad left politics because of the corruption.  The toll on the family was great.  We were constantly subjected to media scrutiny as well as people just making rude comments.

Please keep these new officials in prayers, especially our president.  Politics is a thankless job.  May God guide them and bless them.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Sheryl! Our prayers are vital right now. We even prayed for Barron tonight. I'm sure it's going to be especially difficult for him.

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    2. Oops. I deleted my response. Here it is:
      Yes, Barron will need prayers. The media is tough on the whole family. They don't always do their homework before publishing or telling a story. When I was 11, my family was in a car accident, and three newspapers printed three very different stories about what happened, and none of them were accurate. It was so bad that some of my classmates even thought I was dead. If this can happen at the city and county level, how much more intense it will be at a national level. Prayers for all the elected officials and their families are greatly needed.

  2. Praying for our leaders is always a good thing, whether they are the leaders we chose or not. Great meme!


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