Jan 9, 2017

Monday Meme: Coffee and "Can-do" Attitude

Moral:  I multi-task well, doing one thing at a time.

I sit down to pay my bills.  My companion is my trusty mug of power juice, aka coffee.  Its aroma fills my spirit with my “can-do” attitude.  I sip and savor the warmth.  Yep, today I will get my bills done quickly and move onto the next item. My focus is interrupted by my son, “Hey, Mom.  Can you help me with the washing machine?  It won’t work.”

I run upstairs to see what’s up.  As I ignore the mixed colors of clothing, my son points to the machine that he is learning to operate.  I see the dial is not completely at the starting point.  I move it and show him.  Then I remind him to separate colors.  Oh yeah, I remember I have clothes to wash.  I run to my room to get them.  On the way, I step on a Lego.  “Ouch!!  Someone needs to put this Lego away.”  No one hears me as the washing machine is now in high gear.  I pick up the offending Lego and put it in the nearby bin where it belongs.

Okay. Now to resume… resume?  I was walking down the hall and, oh yeah, the clothes.  By the time I pick out the dark clothes I need laundered, the machine is past the point of adding clothing.  Bummer.  Well, I know I don’t need those clothes immediately, so no big deal.  I put the clothes back in my hamper in my room.

I return to my desk downstairs and see my computer awaiting my bills.  Next to my computer is my mug.  I smile.  Looking forward to the regeneration of spirit and warmth that my coffee delivered what seems only moments ago, I sip.  And gag.  Cold coffee.  Eww.  My “can-do" attitude is shattered.  My spirit is bleak.

Only one thing to do.  Start over.  Yep, I brew another cup of coffee and look forward to accomplishing my task.

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