May 4, 2016

Being Sorry Means Changing Your Behavior

I admit it.  I say these words to my children all.the.time.  “Being Sorry Means Changing Your Behavior!”

My intent is to help them understand that an “I’m sorry.” is not just lip service, but a promise to change the offending behavior.

This may fall in the area of too much information, but I hope my words make a spark for you, like the one I experienced this past Holy Week.

I have gained a few pounds in the last year or so, despite my best efforts to eat healthy.  I think age and hormones (and probably genetics) are just not on my side.  I found myself searching the internet for yet another magic pill or eating plan or diet that could stop this upward motion on the scale.  Nothing seemed to be “It.”

Then, I confessed the sin of gluttony (yet again) to my priest in the Sacrament of Confession.  And, when I said the words, “I am sorry for these and all my sins,”  lightbulbs (no, more like fireworks) started going off.  “I AM SORRY for these and all my sins?”  SORRY?  If I am truly SORRY, where is my change in behavior?  

I do not need any magic pills or special diet plan...I need to change my behavior, inside and out.  So, this Easter season is my beginning.  I AM sorry.  I will change my eating habits. I AM sorry.  I will move around more. I AM sorry.  I will not be defeatist or perfectionist in my thoughts, but positive and forgiving.

I am working toward a goal of a particular number on the scale by next Easter, with a caviat that my size and shape matter more than the number.  It is way too soon to know if my being sorry will translate to weight loss, but I am very hopeful.

Join me in being “sorry?”


  1. Thank you for being so honest! I definitely need to work on actually being sorry and teaching my children the same.

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