May 18, 2016

Bucket List

Surely, you're familiar with the idea of a “bucket list” - a list one makes of
activities, adventures, or encounters they want to do before leaving this earth. Maybe
traveling to exotic places, meeting a famous person, or learning to speak a foreign
language. I can't say my bucket list is all that impressive or extensive, but one thing
that's been on it for a while is to run a race. Well, by golly I get to scratch something off
my bucket list now! I completed the Presence Health 5K on April 29.

Writing about my 5K is not a means of patting myself on the back, although I'm
super proud that I set a goal and achieved it, but more a means of encouraging you to
try something new. It's so easy to just keep doing what we always do. We find
ourselves in a comfortable routine so why change it, right? Here's the thing, though, as
one of my favorite television actors says, “If you always do what you've always
done. You'll always get what you always got.” That statement is so true, especially
in my own life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with routine except when it keeps us from
becoming the best version of ourselves. I find myself getting stuck in ruts because I
just get used to x, y or z and can't see that a change would be for the better. This
applies to so many areas of my life and probably yours, too. From what we wear, to
what we eat, to exercise, to budgeting, etc. Sometimes a change can not only spice
things up, like our marriages, but on a more individual level, really help us to grow in
virtue and holiness.

My husband and I gifted each other the registration fee for running the 5K as a
13th wedding anniversary present. We decided it was time for a change – a change in
our health and how we set an example for our children. We didn't know at the time that
God had an entirely different plan for us and the race, but in the end we still met our
goal of making a change for the better. Due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up
running the actual race by myself, but every step I took was for my family. They
supported my training and they were at the finish line cheering and waving signs as
though I had just won a million dollars!

Setting a goal, finding something new and different to get me out of the rut,
proved to be an amazing change all around. Besides the obvious benefit of losing
weight and feeling better, I've learned to push myself when things are difficult. I've also
learned that it isn't always about the finish line but what we've done to get there! The
most fitting Scripture verse for the whole experience came to me via my race shirt, “I
can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13.

Did I mention that I hated running before starting our training for the 5K? Well,
it's true, but now I look forward to my workouts. To be honest, the quiet is such sweet
relief before the craziness of the day. So let my 5K race inspire you to try something
new, to think outside the box, to go on an adventure! Try that new thing you've always
wanted to learn to do. If you haven't written one yet, start a bucket list. It's actually kind
of fun. Next on mine is to learn to play the banjo!


  1. Love this, Britta!! Yes, we should never stop becoming a better version of ourselves! Someday, I hope to learn to sew!! Can't wait to hear about the banjo lessons!! ;)

  2. Early morning runs are a great time to spend time in prayer and get focused for the day, isn't it? And if any of your kiddos decide to join you, as mine sometimes have, it is a great chance to have one-on-one time with them! Keep it up, and way to go for setting a goal and meeting it!!!

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