May 9, 2016

Monday Meme: Mama Mary

Thanks Ma!

We are all on this journey of motherhood.  We share the joys, pains, tributes, and trials of our children as they grow up.  We celebrate, cry, laugh, and pray as they progress towards adulthood.  Although our road of motherhood has similarities, sometimes we need more.  Maybe we need a role model or someone to confide in.  Who would understand our plights and milestones better than our spiritual mother, Mama Mary?

Who would know better?  Ponder this: At 12, Jesus was lost for three days.  Oops!  How did Mary handle it?  It’s not like she could hide that fact from our dear Father in Heaven. Well, she obviously persisted.  Look what Jesus eventually did.

Jesus performed miracles.   He preached with authority, and he walked and dined with sinners.  Her son was insulted and scourged without provocation.  The devil tempted him, and angels encouraged him.  He bore a cross that carried the weight of the world.  He died.  Ultimately, he rose and ascended.  Mary watched all of these unfold.  How did she manage?

I don’t have an answer. I can only guess… love.  A Mama’s LOVE!  It just keeps giving.

She is the perfect example of motherhood. Thanks, Ma!


  1. Yes, I do believe it is LOVE that pulled her through all those trials!! Thanks for sharing this, Sheryl!!

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