May 2, 2016

Monday Meme: Boys Will Be Boys

Lots of people say that expression as an excuse to pardon bad habits or fights.  While boys are definitely wired differently than girls, nothing can excuse bad behavior.  Being a mom of five boys, I don’t tolerate any excuse.  However, that does not mean that boys should behave like girls.  Boys need to be active and run.

Home schooling my sons was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made.  Our boys learned best by walking, running, and playing.  I was surprised by how well they learned.  Eagerly too.  Yes, I had to explain to visiting relatives that my boys could run, even in the house.  My mom did not like them running and tried to get them to stop and sit, especially if she was helping in the learning environment.

No.  My boys NEED to stand. Let them move!

My boys are teens and young men now.  Only two remain at home.  My house has seen multiple dents and holes in walls from sword fights.  Some blood has stained the carpet from wrestling.  Light fixtures have had to be replaced because they were broken by rough-housing.  My youngest son will now plaster and paint the new holes, so I don’t have to say anything.

No, I don’t encourage the lively action in my house.  In fact, they do know that they are supposed to take the duels outside.  However, I’d rather see my boys spontaneously wrestle and break something and fix it than to be scared of ruining the furniture.  They have learned great lessons.  They know consequences and responsibilities.  They have also learned to use tools to build and make items.  Furniture is replaceable.

Yes, my house is a battle field, but my boys know that they can defend themselves.  They also have built camaraderie as brothers.  They can stand up for themselves--against each other or against the outside world.  That is really necessary in today's life.  Having a back bone is rare.  So it's all good.

So mom may wish to not see them run in the house, but one of these days I also know I am going to yearn to see them run when the house is all perfectly clean and quiet.

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