Sep 17, 2018

Parents Are Experts Of Their Children

We all need to hear positive encouragement, no matter what stage in life we are with our kiddos.  Home schooling presents, in particular, need to share encouragement.  There are stories of successes and failures, just like any other educational system.  Unfortunately, people make judgments without being fully informed.  If we parents make the decision to home school, we really need to know why so we can withstand the criticisms of others.

My husband and I home schooled for 12 years.  We started with my then 14 year old going into high school.  Then we included our next son for junior high and our fourth son, homeschooling part time in elementary school and junior high.  We have two boys with autism.  I've experienced home schooling and regular schooling, and I've heard from principals, psychologists, counselors, teachers, and other parents.  I've heard both good and bad about home schooling.

The first lesson I learned by being a parent of any kid, let alone a special needs kid, is that I, the parent, am the expert of my child.  No teacher, no psychologist, no doctor, no therapist, nobody else knows my son better than me.  I am the person he will seek help, advice, and consolation.  I recognize when my son needs to be redirected, pushed, enlightened, and encouraged.  I also know when he needs a break or recognition.  These just a name a few examples of such personal knowledge of my child.

I pass this concept to other parents:  You are the expert of your child.  You don't need a degree of any sort to hold this title.  This is a reality.  You are privileged AND are responsible to hold this position with authority and love.  It is God-given.  And expected. Many outside your home (or even inside your home) may challenge you on several levels, so it is critical that you KNOW that you matter a great deal, as the expert of your child.  I even had to say this to a "disability professional" who was trying to tell my child what he could do and couldn't do.  I had to step in and say, "You may be 'THE disability professional', but I am the EXPERT of my son.  We need to find out IF he can to this or not. We need to see what he can do.  Don't assume."  That person did not like it, but she could not refute what I said.

We, as mothers, spend more time with our kids than anyone else. We know what they are ready to learn, and we can change the course, if necessary. So please have faith in yourselves.  Pray too.  Motherhood is underrated in our society, but not in God's eyes.  As parents, we are the primary educators in our childrens' lives.  We can't be deterred by someone's opinion.

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