Apr 27, 2019

Divine Mercy message for Moms

This past week is the time set aside by the Church for the Divine Mercy novena, beginning on Good Friday and concluding on the Sunday after Easter, called Divine Mercy Sunday.

On day 6 of the meditations, Christ asks us to bring the children and the meek to His mercy.

Without realizing the connection, during my run on the same day, I was moved to contemplate how each of our children is a source of mercy.  Each one shines with strengths that give joy and struggle with weaknesses that challenge my own soul to rise above and seek God’s grace to nurture

Also that same day, a poor soul told a of few of my kids at Costco “that if he was their mother he would kick their a**!”  We don’t know his story, but my deep struggle to control my anger as a mother is window of grace.  And when I fail, there mercy to scoop me up and I continue to fight the good fight.  Children are not a burden - not easy or light at times- but God’s beautiful gift to help me grow in humility and challenge to surrender to God all details.


++Thank you God for each one of my children. Thank you for the grace and mercy you supply to be their mother, and I surrender each one into the ocean of your infinite mercy!!++

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